Holiday Season

I am trying to get a jump start on my decorating. I usually wait until the 15th to put up our Christmas trees. I took advantage of a warm (78) dry day to drag the decorations from storage to the front porch. Now the porch is littered with big plastic boxes and 2 big red bags for the trees. I’ll spend time digging out the … Continue reading Holiday Season

Work in Progress

After the book signing event in New Mexico and vacation time at the Grand Canyon, I am finally settling back in to work on Saving Mr. Johnson. I enjoy my characters, and now think they identify themselves on the page rather than just in my mind. As I did a read through, I realized that the steps involved in the mystery/detective part of the book … Continue reading Work in Progress

Fall Equinox

In the years we have lived in the South, the Fall Equinox is only a date on the calendar. The days are still pushing 100 and the nights are equally warm. Next week, however, the forecast drops those temperatures to mid 80’s and mid 60’s at night! Time to curl up with a good book! Check out the Fall Equinox from Solstice Publishing. Continue reading Fall Equinox

Labor Day

I started the day by reading a number of Facebook posts about the history of the Labor Movement. A bit later I heading out side to cut more of the grass. The temp went from 72 to 82 much too quickly. The glass of cold water might have been magic water, because I finally sat down and finished the Book # 5 chapter that has … Continue reading Labor Day

Shop Keeper

Today and tomorrow I get to play shop keeper at Eagerly Sought Antiques during the lunch hour. It will be a fun variation to my day. Who knows, I may have a customer or two. I may even have a reader that I can talk to about my books that Brian is kind enough to carry in the store. With luck I can consider my … Continue reading Shop Keeper

Bug Tussle Trek

Today is one of my favorite events for the summer. A Dallas based antique car club makes a driving loop through our area of NE Texas. They started doing this 53 years ago. The loop includes stops are a variety of small towns to do a little shopping or general site seeing. They stop in our area for their picnic lunch. Prior to that they … Continue reading Bug Tussle Trek