Back in the USA

Alaska was fun. Besides spending time with family, I got to meet so many wonderful women. Meeting a former librarian in Tok, Alaska who was from Wenatchee, WA was a hit. I do hope she enjoys Book 3 which includes Wenatchee. Our time goes so quickly. Have a few more days of visits scheduled. Then we plan to head south to California before we turn … Continue reading Back in the USA

Packing Day

The original plan was to depart today on the 1st leg of our 10,000 mile drive. That plan has been pushed back at least a day. I’m really hoping my new glasses arrive today or at the very least tomorrow! This does give me another day to check all of those small spaces in the van to be filled with things we won’t need, but … Continue reading Packing Day

Getting Ready

This morning I opened Red Straw Hat on a Beach to mark the chapter for a reading tomorrow at the launch party. From Chapter 24: My last stop for the morning is at Eagerly Sought Antiques. I am greeted just outside the door by a gray cat who races in as if he owns the place. He proceeds to flop down in front of me … Continue reading Getting Ready