Great Trip!

We are back home after traveling just under 5,000 miles through 17 states. Many of those were new experiences for us. We have traveled the Western part of the country a number of times. This was only our second trip through any parts of the East. Along the way I had the opportunity to speak with many wonderful women of all ages. Some may form … Continue reading Great Trip!

Join Me

It is almost time to get the van packed!  Savanna Public Library Welcomes Author (Sandra) Alyne Bailey* To a book signing event for her Red Hats in Love series (Romance novels for mature women) * She is a 1965 graduate of Savanna High School Join us Saturday, September 11, 2021 10 AM – 2 PM 326 3rd St, Savanna, IL 61074 Continue reading Join Me

Beach House

Action in Book # 4 is moving to Galveston. As part of that, I get to research houses for sale. I find it is easier to write about a real house as I did in Book # 3. Once I find a house that I love, I know it will be perfect for that section of the book. What would your beach house look like? Continue reading Beach House