About Me

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I majored in biology, minored in chemistry and mathematics at a small college in Minnesota in the 60s, which meant that I was the only female science major in the Science Hall. I proceeded to work in many different jobs that were dominated by men. I went back to school at age 55 to receive my Masters in Computer Information Management Systems where I was still one of the few women.  I also learned to ride a motorcycle at that same time.  I like to think that all of those men helped me become a stronger woman. When I taught business and computer classes at a small college in Washington state. I offered my students some advice:

  1. “For the first day on a new job, wear your best navy blue suit like the one I’m wearing today.  If you have just moved into a new home, however, and can’t find your best shoes, follow Jenny Joseph’s advice. Wear a red hat with purple that does not match or as I have done, wear your red sneakers and make a statement.” I wore my red sneakers with a navy blue suit to start and end each school year.
  2. “Life is too short to wear plain white socks, so go for something fun.”
  3. “Set some long long-range goals.” One of my long-range goals is to write the Great American novel.  Now that I am retired, my husband and I have moved to Texas. With our house restoration completed, I have finally found time to write. That Great American novel is still a work in progress, but these novels puts me on my way.
  4. My second long-range goal is to become a stand-up comedian. My students were to be my practice audience. Being a stand-up comedian is yet to be explored, but who knows what the future may bring.

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