The Saga In The Life Of A Book.

I admit I am terrible about remembering to add updates to these blog pages. Once I decide on a path for a new book, I forget about writing anything else. The story collects bits and pieces for opening paragraphs, character details, and the flow of each part organized in an outline. Then comes the long slow slog of connecting all of that into a manuscript. It has taken me over a year to finally add the last period at the end of the last paragraph marking the end of writing. Saving Mr. Johnson stands ready for an editor with a sharp red pencil (not really because everything is electronic.)

Hitting the submit button is traumatic. Waiting for an answer seems to take forever.  While I wait, I can start to focus on the next Work In Progress. A romance or a cozy mystery; which shall it be? How about one of each? Once Saving Mr. Johnson comes back to me for edits, the WIP will come to a standstill.

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