Work in Progress

After the book signing event in New Mexico and vacation time at the Grand Canyon, I am finally settling back in to work on Saving Mr. Johnson. I enjoy my characters, and now think they identify themselves on the page rather than just in my mind. As I did a read through, I realized that the steps involved in the mystery/detective part of the book are not as clear as they need to be. My ladies know what they are adding to the investigation, but they haven’t shared that with my readers! I’ll need to expand that before I push on with the story.

I read a lot of novels no matter if I am actively writing, analyzing my work in progress, or just resting part of my brain. I’m currently reading a cozy murder mystery series that has me ready to scream. The author has the main character instantly the main suspect for trivial reasons. That character goes into a total meltdown and does really silly things to “find the clues the police have missed.” At least, I think climbing a drainpipe to break into the murder scene silly. So far the only thing this series has done for me, is to inspire me to get back to Saving Mr. Johnson. I know I can create better steps for my detectives to follow!

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