I Should be Writing

Today will be another hot Texas summer day. It would be a good day to stay inside with the A/C keeping me cool while I work on Book # 5. That probably won’t happen. The ideas are there, just floating around in my head, but they haven’t settled on a specific direction. I am not one of those writers who focus on writing X number of words each day. I have to know where the story is going before the words organize themselves into sentences that I can add to the work-in-progress.

Yesterday I put my kayak into the small lake a mile from our house. I didn’t take my fishing gear, but I may do that tomorrow. When I got home yesterday, I typed up an outline for my storytelling-open mic session Friday night. I can practice it while I don’t catch fish tomorrow.

This morning, I’ll charge up the lawnmower, and attack the crabgrass that seems to happily grow without any rain. Thank goodness the rest of the grass doesn’t do that same thing. I would be spending too much time maintaining the yard rather than writing. Hopefully the grass will tell me where Book # 5 is to go next. If not, maybe the fish will tomorrow.

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