Getting Ready

This morning I opened Red Straw Hat on a Beach to mark the chapter for a reading tomorrow at the launch party. From Chapter 24:

My last stop for the morning is at Eagerly Sought Antiques. I am greeted just outside the door by a gray cat who races in as if he owns the place. He proceeds to flop down in front of me as if he expects me to pet him. I do that as I call out, “Is it okay that the cat came in?”

A voice answers from a little farther back in the store, “His name is Smokey, and he is in and out all day.” A tall man joins me near the front window where he picks up Smokey to cuddle him. “Welcome to Eagerly Sought. I am Brian. Despite what Smokey thinks, I own all of it, but not married to any of it! It’s free to get in, but cost y’all to get out.” His voice is deep with that delightful Texan drawl.

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