Finishing a New Book

Book # 4 has evolved much too slowly. It has just not matched my plans or expectations. The thoughts are there, but the words have not wanted to assemble themselves on the page in the proper way. Too often, I’ve gone back to an earlier chapter to add a new thread that I want to pick up now that I’m slightly closer to the end. I guess I didn’t spend enough time on the details in the outline before I ever started. At this point, I should know better.

My original plan was to have this done before we left on the book tour in September. It is now the middle of November, and the plot has just thickened. My publisher does not accept submissions in December. Does this just mean that I can take my time? Maybe I need to push hard now, so I can take December off as well? Maybe the upcoming cold weather will keep me in my seat in front of my computer, or not! Time will tell.

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