Red Hard Hat in Construction

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Twenty years of marriage to a cheating, verbally abusive husband has taken its toll, but 57-year-old Claire Murphy has decided this time she really will divorce him. She is proud to take her first steps when she moves into an apartment building that she later learns is occupied by 80-year-old women. They are eager to state that it is never too late to find love. Claire isn’t sure she will ever be able to open her heart to loving again.

Fearing that the divorce will be expensive, Claire concentrates her energy on her job as a mortgage loan officer. She accepts an additional position working weekends at a new residential housing development. She shares with her friends that the scenery of shirtless construction workers on a hot summer day is very entertaining. Her favorite worker is the foreman who presents her with her own red hard hat. Will that red hard hat be enough to protect Claire after her husband is murdered, and she is the prime suspect?

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