Reviews-Red Helmet on a Motorcycle

“My sister Ruth Ramsey came to a garage sale you had. I bought a in room air conditioner from you but the treasure I bought was your book. My sister loved it. I loved all the places you spoke about for I lived in Washington State my husband was stationed at Fort Lewis and my youngest son still lives in Silverdale and I cannot wait for your next book. Please keep writing. I laughed and gasp all through your book.”

“Maggie is a widow, trying to move on with her life. Getting up her courage to take up motorcycle riding, she also falls in love (or lust) with a handsome but arrogant attorney who is also a motorcyclist. Her gaggle of nosey, pushy friends approve of the man if not the motorcycles. Her controlling daughter has concerns about both. But the question is, how does Maggie feel, and can she share her life again without losing her independence. The characters are well drawn and I suspect we’ll be hearing more from this author about ladies who ride motorcycles.”

“I seldom read for fun, this was an exception, and I’m not into motorcycles. I’ll review this book anyway because it was a good read, It’s brief, concise and detail oriented. And it was quick. The characters are well developed and interesting; I got to know some of these people in in a few days. I could easily follow their behavior, rational and irrational.”

“Not my normal genre but I loved the book. She did her research on motorcycles so as to make a realistic story. I think I was most excited to see what motorcycle she was going to choose!”

“Maggie is a very like able character. I have known many people who Have struggled through the grief of losing a spouse, and I felt her reactions were very believable. I had a hard time with her daughter but I think she was ruffling with the fear of losing a second parent which also is very real and shows that fear is present at any age. I liked the straightforward way on which the book was written.”

“I enjoyed traveling with Maggie through her “new” life without her husband. The ups and downs of well-meaning friends and family and the adventure of being out in the dating world again was fun to observe. Since I grew up where this story takes place, I was able to reminisce about all the places I knew growing up there. One of Maggie’s favorite restaurants was Salty’s in Redondo. I was shocked to recall that I ate in that restaurant 60 years ago, before it was even Salty’s! As time flies by it’s nice to connect with a story like this.”

“I relate to Maggie and her keen desire to start a new chapter in her life after the death of her husband. At 55, she decides to buy and ride a motorcycle. Alyne Bailey writes from personal experience and Maggie is someone I would like to be, trying new experiences, dating again, and maintaining her intelligence, feisty spirit, and strength. I look forward to the next book and getting to know other characters better.”

“Being a motorcyclist, I enjoyed reading and identifying with a fellow female rider. From choosing a bike, buying a bike, learning to ride a bike, and experiencing the freedom of owning your own bike, I could identify with her process.”